Lock up any leftover with Anylock and
The Gripstic fresh storage system

Can’t finish your food and wish to pack it away and store into your fridge? All you need are some Anylock sealing rods and Anylock bags. That’s right! The renowned Airlock technology is capable of creating a watertight and airtight storage system right off the bat. Unlike your usual box containers, Airlock bags guarantees freshness in your packed foods, be it raw or cooked. Your biscuits, cookies and nuts will be kept crispy inside Anylock storage bags as well!

In the next day, you take out your previously stored food from the fridge and wish to defrost it. No worries! Simply push all the Anylock storage bags right into the microwave. The material can withstand decently high temperature for defrosting, though it is advisable to take out the Anylock sealing rods to avoid building up of pressure

Another novel application of Airlock storage system is to separate a single bag into multiple compartments. With additional Airlock sealing rods, you can slide them into different spots on the Airlock bag and there you go!  A new makeshift lunchbox right in front of you. Your sauce, meat, veggies and rice nicely separated within a single bag, without worrying about spillage!

5 simple steps on how to use Anylock Slide & Gripstic Storage System

 Dump your food into Airlock bags and fold the tops over
 Aim the tips of bag sealers rods towards the space between folded tops
 Push the rods through the space all the way to the end
 Ensure that the storage bags are sealed up
 To open bags, simply push the rods in the opposite direction


Customer Feedback
Hi, Lewie.  I would like to personally thank you for the excellent way in which you handled my order.  You went that extra yard and made the entire order process an absolute pleasure. You may recall that I had lots of questions about pay pal and ordering.  You addressed all of my concerns very promptly and effectively.  The order process was very smooth and pleasant. A big thank you for the timely shipping of my package- I just received my order a few moments ago and couldn't be happier.  Also thank you so much for including the extra rods to offset the shipping charges. Please continue to stock anylocks- I will be a repeat customer.  They are a simply brilliant product!  I used to purchase them from HSN but they have been sold out for at least a couple of years now.  Then, finally, I discovered your site- I'm so lucky to have found you and couldn't thank you enough for your fantastic service.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

A Very Happy Customer